Main Features

Your Wallet

Northern Stoker Outdoor Furnaces can substantially reduce your heating bills and domestic hot water energy consumption. The abundant availability of good combustible wood translates into a very affordable heating option and sometimes it can be acquired for free! The investment in a Northern Stoker is comparable to toys such as four wheelers and hot tubs. Heating is a necessity and by heating with a Northern Stoker, the savings could add up to make the toys affordable.


Eliminates burning wood in your house which means no more risk of fire, chimney fires, toxic gases, smoke, ashes, bugs and rodents! All of our furnaces have a lockable fuel loading door and a control house door lock. We encourage all of our customers to speak with their respective insurance companies before purchasing an Outdoor Wood Furnace as some of our customers were able to receive a reduction in their insurance rates.


Can be connected to existing boilers, water-to-air heat exchangers for forced air furnaces, radiant in-floor heating, and water-to-water heat exchangers for domestic hot water tanks. Heat your house, shop, garage, livestock barn, driveway, hot water tank, spa and many other applications all at the same time with one properly sized Outdoor Wood Furnace.



No more fossil fuels! Lower your carbon footprint and use renewable energy resources that are natural organic fuels.


Our furnaces are built for the harshest Canadian winters and that’s why we designed the Northern Stoker to easily connect to a portable generator in the event of a power outage. Made for maximum run time and minimum downtime! We realize that all electrical and mechanical devices require routine maintenance and that is why our furnaces are the most service friendly outdoor furnaces on the market. Designed and built in Sunderland, Ontario, Canada.