Add-on Biomass Automatic Feed System

With fuel costs on the rise and the availability of many types of fuels, our customers have asked us to design and build an Add-on Biomass Automatic Feed System in addition to the Northern Stoker Outdoor Wood Furnaces. We are currently prototyping and testing units with various design features. Our customers asked for the following:

Automatic fuel loading, Easy setup of operation, Large hopper for fuel storage, “Anti-nesting” hopper (no more fuel jams), Ability to use multiple fuels, Fire Suppression, Fully configurable for size and type of fuel, Compatible with all Northern Stoker Outdoor Wood Furnaces.

*Update* We have successfully designed stoker units to burn wood chips, pellets and grains.

Many manufacturers are building very high end and technologically advanced Biomass furnaces. These particular devices are using PLC controllers, state-of-the art electronics and sensors to deal with the many variables introduced by different fuels (size, shape, BTU, moisture content). This type of technology represents a significant cost in the product and can have negative consequences as well. The more complex a system is, the more likely it is going to experience glitches and equipment failure. It also can represent a significant cost for troubleshooting and repairs by qualified service personnel.

Although, we acknowledge and understand the complexity behind designing and manufacturing an outdoor furnace with all of these parameters, we also understand that our customers want a simple, functional, and serviceable solution that is not going to breakdown and cost them expensive repair bills.

It is our mission to design, build, address, and implement a solution to all of these issues. We have had tremendous success with our prototypes and they excel in real world applications and not just on the drawing board.

We have designed the Add-on Biomass Automatic Feed System as an accessory to all current models of Northern Stoker Outdoor Wood Furnaces and it will share the same simple controls with an addition of a fuel control panel. The idea is that you will have the option of heating with conventional fire wood or by combining the Add-on Biomass Automatic Feed System, you will be able to use alternative fuels and feed them automatically into the Northern Stoker Outdoor Wood Furnaces. This automatic option may be desirable because of loading time constraints (example: twice/week as opposed to twice/day), health and/or age considerations to have the ability to cut and handle firewood or a more cost effective biomass fuel may be available to you.