“I own and operate a Greenhouse and Landscaping business. Since day one we have heated most of the greenhouse range, as well as a century Victorian home. The greenhouses are a double-poly wall construction as is common in the industry and the house is insulated to old world standards primarily. So, both present a large challenge when it comes to heat. For the last 20 years we have had a more “Classic” solution to outdoor wood furnaces. When these burned out I went shopping for new furnaces and discovered Northern Stoker. The first attraction for me was the ability to convert to bio fuels other than wood, so I can maybe lessen my workload as I age. When I went and viewed the units, I was immediately impressed with the owner of the company. Darren is honest and completely willing to answer all questions and concerns with no pressure to close the sale. He wanted to be as certain as I did that his furnaces were right for my needs.

The furnaces themselves really impressed me with well thought out attention to detail, quality construction and efficiency ratings that are actually better than advertised. (found this out once I bought them) I own two 48-54 units which were purchased a year apart as my other furnaces failed. I was so impressed after the first years operation that it was an easy decision to purchase the second unit. Here are some reasons for this confidence:

It only makes sense to shop around when contemplating a purchase like this – I did and it only made me more confident that my decision was the right one. The conditions that needed to be met for my needs were, and are, much more extreme than a simple residential installation and these units have more than met my needs. I know that the heat rating is understated on these furnaces because the previous furnaces I had were rated to deliver 1.5 million Btu’s between the two of them. My new Stokers are delivering more, and doing so more efficiently. I hope to add the alternative fuel upgrade in the future – at present I have only burned wood.

If you want less wood consumption, less ash, more available heat and a very well built stove – do yourself a favour and check these out. They do not disappoint!”

John & Rosanne Ballast
Stonepath Greenhouses & Landscaping ICPI CERTIFIED, CLD & CLP CERTIFIED
613-922-6710 – Landscape Inquiries
613-478-1675 – Greenhouse Inquiries
Landscape Ontario Member

“We bought the Northern Stoker with the add on Biomass Automatic Feed System in January of 2018. Prior to that we heated using a different brand of outdoor grain furnace. We grow our own grain for straw, so we used mixed grain in our Northern Stoker rather than heat with wood pellets.

Since installing our unit, we have added another 2100 square foot home to our system. You would think that by adding more square footage to heat we would use more grain. Not so! We are basically using the same amount of grain as before.

We like the Northern Stoker because of its simplicity. Compared to our previous outdoor furnace the Northern Stoker uses 1 heavy duty motor instead of 3 little motors to move the grain. Simple to use and less parts to break down. When we have questions or concerns, the staff at Northern Metalworks is always very prompt to help us and provide assistance as needed. Darren and his staff are always willing to listen and work with you to make any necessary adjustments, allowing you to get the full benefit of your furnace This quality assurance extends to all services that Northern Metalworks provides.

We are proud to buy from a Canadian manufacturer producing a Canadian made product!”

Murray Bacon

“I purchased a Northern Stoker outdoor wood furnace from Northern Metal Works in Feb 2013. I had done a great deal of research and had looked at many other stoves & even considered building my own before making my purchase.

Darren & his crew have manufactured a stove that is built to last; its heavy “steel” construction is greater than any others I looked at. The design is simple but efficient but most importantly it “WORKS”.

Other manufacturers tell you that you will reload every 12-24 hours, and having talked to many other stove owners these numbers are sometimes extreme. Darren informed me that he would load at 6:00 am & 6:00 pm and on a very cold night he may add a few pieces of wood before calling it a night…..he was bang on!! Honest and up front….integrity is important to me!!

The stove has worked exactly as Darren described, it’s easy to maintain and load. Light it, load it and enjoy!

So here is the math….my propane bill for the season was between $4000.00 to $5000.00 for the season to heat both my house (1800 sq. ft. bungalow) and my shop (1800 sq. ft. with 16′ ceiling). While I don’t have a full season, I tracked the wood I used for the balance of this season. For the most part I was burning “soft” wood (Scotch pine) and only a small amount of hard wood. I used approximately 2 1/2 bush cord over the last 3 plus months of the heating season. Based on that I estimate 6-8 bush cord per season is required. I can buy wood for $2000.00 for 14 bush cord in logs or have it delivered cut and split (splitting not required) for $280.00 a bush cord.

Buy wood in logs $1150.00 per year.

Buy wood cut & split $2240.00 per year.

My wood is free….yearly heating cost $200.00 (gas and oil for chainsaw….beer for buddies)!!!!

The only mistake I made was not buying this stove years ago!

I don’t think my propane supplier is going to be very happy either….oh well!!”

Dave Chilvers

“We purchased our new Northern Stoker Wood Furnace in October 2012. We are heating a 6000 square foot Commercial Building as well as a 3500 square foot residential building located about 200 feet from the furnace. We are heating both spaces with this furnace with no problems. The temperature is comfortably held at around 21 – 22 degrees Celsius. We found the Furnace very reliable to use even in minus 40 degrees Celsius temperatures. The Temperature recovery time is very quick with the two powerful blowers. The unit is easy to clean with its clean out access underneath the firebox and no need to open the firebox or moving burning logs for cleaning. Also thanks to the efficient design and heat recovery through the chimney, compared to our first wood furnace, we saved about 25% in fuel. The maintenance of the whole unit is very easy.

As for the service through the dealer all of our setup or service calls have been answered promptly with no issues and we can highly recommend the unit and dealer to any possible purchaser.

We gladly answer any questions or show the unit in use.”

Patrick Knotz
Ahmic Lake Resort

“Dear Reader,

In January of 2012, we, Mohawk Garnet Inc., entered into a venture with Jack’s Sales & Service to heat our new processing facility in Wahnapitae, Ontario. Jack had suggested we use two Northern Stoker model 48-54 wood burners. We were skeptical at first, as our mill is 100 ft wide x 300 ft long x 40 ft high and full of high tech processing equipment.

Jack engineered and installed the units precisely to our requirements. When we fired up the stoves, “we couldn’t have been more impressed!” We had been experiencing a brutally cold winter with temperatures below-40 degrees but our building stayed comfortably warm throughout.

Not only did Jack deliver on his promise to heat our building he also saved us over 30% on a competitors quote. Jack’s expertise and professionalism was top rate and we would recommend him to everyone.”


Todd Parker
Mohawk Garnet Inc.

“Dear Mr Miners,

Just writing to you to give you a small update on my Northern Stoker furnace. Knowing that I have bought one of the first prototypes I was expecting to have some issues. Being a welder by trade myself I have a good notion of how the construction and material used for the fabrication of this furnace. This is my second year heating with the Northern Stoker and I haven’t encountered any issues with the furnace. It is very well built with quality material and I am very satisfied with my purchase. This furnace has gone through a very intense test. I changed the original temperature controls for digital and with my lack of knowledge in electricity I failed to connect the controls properly that caused the furnace to go into over heat. I was sure that I had scrapped the furnace. So even though the furnace came to a extreme temperature everything was all intact. Most other furnaces would have warped under such extreme heat. This proves to me that the Northern Stoker is the best furnace on the market today.”

Mike Dobie

“Considerable research was done into all of the options for outdoor furnaces. Our selection criteria was efficiency, ease of use and the quality of the build. Looking at marketing materials and deciding those factors is next to impossible. To make my decision I spoke with many outdoor furnace users and determined what they liked and didn’t like in a furnace. It seemed to me the Northern Stoker was designed around the exact same criteria. We went with Northern Stoker because it is a different furnace, it is a well-built extremely efficient machine! Everything from where the blowers are placed to the way the exhaust exits the firebox was designed right. I installed the furnace myself, it was my first try installing an outdoor furnace. Installation is quite simple once you understand the principals. We just completed our first season on the farm. The furnace heated our house, workshop, honey house and water for hot water for 2 locations. Currently approximately 3500 sq ft. We burnt wet wood, mainly poplar, willow, cherry and some elm that we started clearing in the fall. The furnace was checked 2x a day and I was always amazed at how much wood was left when I checked it. The chimney had very little heat leaving so I know the heat was going to heat water and not the outside air. The really amazing part for me is how often the furnace needed to be cleaned out. The wood burns to fine ash so the ash is minimal, that tells me that all of the heat transferred from the wood to the furnace. Northern Stoker is an Ontario based company with great customer service. I have had no issues however I had newbie questions during the installation and first start up.

I look forward to many years of quality use with this furnace, when I am too old to lift wood I will be adding the Biomass Stoker unit to it.

I highly recommend Northern Stoker as the best choice for an outdoor wood furnace…”

Steve Lawrence