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"Simplicity, Durability and Dependability."

Darren Sharpe, President

Bring'n the heat
Model 36-42

Northern Stoker Outdoor Furnaces in Ontario


The NEW Model 30-30 Northern Stoker Outdoor Wood Furnace has been completed and is now rolling off of the production line! This new model is designed to be the “little brother” of our two larger models. The 30-30 is built of the exact same high quality workmanship and materials as models 36-42 and 48-54. This new furnace will accommodate  customers with smaller heating demands to purchase a high quality furnace and join the Northern Stoker family of very satisfied customers.     

outdoor wood furnaces Models 30-30, 36-42 and 48-54

Models 30-30, 36-42 and 48-54

Northern Stoker outdoor wood furnaces represent the culmination of the best design concepts, real world operation, serviceability and extreme heavy duty durability. These factors integrate into a product that will serve the customer and protect their hard earned investment for many years to come. These furnaces are designed and built for the Canadian climate and will perform through the harshest weather the heating season can throw at it.

We are also about reveal our new Biomass Stoker that allows the use of grains, corn, pellets, and other wood products. The Biomass Stoker is designed to work with ALL of our Northern Stoker furnaces and is fully automated to feed a variety of fuels into the combustion chamber. This addition to our product line will allow our customers the versatility of many different fuels from renewable energy sources, cost savings and the understanding that they are environmentally friendly.