Parts and Accessories

The Northern Stoker outdoor furnace is designed and built with quality products. Through our Dealer network, our customers can purchase all of the components that make up the various systems on Northern Stoker furnaces. Our Dealers can either sell you the required part directly to you or offer to complete the repair for you. All of our Dealers will provide you with peace of mind that experienced, qualified and professional service personnel will troubleshoot, repair and if you would like, maintain your Northern Stoker.

Our customers vary in age, gender, size, strength and the ability to maintain the Northern Stoker. That is why our dealers offer an added value service agreement for scheduled maintenance (example: annual shutdown and startup) that some of our customers are unable or do not want to do themselves.

If you would like to source out various options for fuel, please feel free to contact our dealers and they will certainly help you directly or put you in touch with a local fuel supply.

It is our mission to always be improving and offering our customers what they want and need. Please stay tuned for future online parts and accessories store in the near future.

Corrosion Inhibitor (Northern Stoker Water Treatment)

Available in 1 US Gallon / 3.78 liters.

CORROSION INHIBITOR NORTHERN STOKER WATER TREATMENTDescription: Corrosion Inhibitor, Sequesterant and Dispersant for Open and Closed Cooling and Heating Systems.
Benefits: State of the art all organic and environmentally friendly. Exceptional corrosion protection for ferrous and non ferrous metals. Cost effective maintenance for your investment.
Directions: Add 3.78 L (1 gallon) to every 1136 L (300 gallons) of water. Northern Stoker suggests adding Water Treatment at the time of start-up of a new outdoor furnace, or when you flush and replace the furnace        water, or once a year when a full maintenance service is completed.
                                 Availability: In Stock at Northern Stoker Head Office and Manufacturing Facilities – Sunderland, ON and                                               through our Dealers