Insulated Pipe

5 Wrap

Insulated Pipe
Size Per Ft. Inside Tile Size Outside Tile Size
1″ NB $13.50 5″ 5 3/4″
1 1/4″ NB $19.38 5″ 5 3/4″

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Temperature/ BTU loss test results

Description Length of run GPM Total Temp Loss Temp loss per 100 ft Temp loss per ft BTU loss per ft BTU loss per ft
NOB Insulated
5 Wrap
500 ft 5 3.1 0.62 0.006 15.53 1553.10
Test conducted in very wet weather outdoors Dec 30, 2010 Temperature 39 degrees Fahrenheit 3.89 Deg.C.

Notes about insulated pipe testing:

The tubing was tested above ground at 39 degrees outside temperature on top of snow. Our heat loss is for both tubes combined inside of the tubing as we feel if you are going to test a product it needs to be for the entire product. If you are comparing this product to another that is doing single line testing, you either need to combine the heat loss both of their lines or divide ours by 2. We tested with not heat load reducing the temperature of the return line will also reduce the heat loss of the total product.

We tested our tubing above ground. When you test buried line the heat loss will be less because the temperature of the ground around the buried line will vary. Most times you will find that ground in contact with the buried line will be 70-100 degrees, and at least 60 degrees 1″ away from the tile. This makes it very hard to get an accurate test because you have no accurate outer temperature to go by. The tubing being tested at 39 degrees, resting on snow covered frozen ground and in wet conditions which insures the maximum possible heat loss during the test.